Professional Engineering
Air Flow Specialists (AFS) has over 100 years of combined experience in the ventilation industry. We have a Florida licensed professional engineer on staff that signs and seals all work performed by the company. We have the latest AutoCAD software and plotting capabilities to provide architectural size drawings detailing all aspects of the installation process in a timely fashion.
Signed & Sealed Drawings

   One of the most difficult aspects of today’s construction industry is getting a building permit. This is particularly true of restaurants, where the hood and its fire suppression system require separate permitting. Because these items are life safety items, they are reviewed with particular scrutiny. Most architects and engineering firms do not provide enough detail on the plans with respect to the hood system to satisfy the local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ). This results in frustrating rejections and resubmissions with fees and time delays.

   Air Flow Specialists has an experienced team of drafting technicians supervised by our licensed professional engineer. We have state of the art AutoCAD software and plotting capabilities. We can provide drawings in letter size up to 36”x48” full-size architectural pages. Because our team is in house, we have total control of the drawing and design process. We can turn projects around quickly and respond timely to any comments from the AHJ. Our familiarity with the codes and special requirements of local jurisdictions alerts the customer up front of any particular installation requirements and costs that may be encountered to meet code compliance, preventing back charges and costly rework and construction delays.

   A proper duct design results in an efficient system that properly drains grease and exhausts the necessary contaminants with the least noise and energy. An improper duct design results in higher noise, operating costs and maintenance costs for the life of the system. A poorly designed duct system with a 10% increase in static pressure requires a 21% increase in horsepower (and electrical costs) to achieve the same air flow. A poorly designed hood system requiring 10% more exhaust to achieve capture requires 33% more horsepower. On the flip side of the argument, if a hood and duct system is undersized for the contaminants being produced by the cooking equipment, it will not capture as designed and may require the customer to live with high noise and operating costs in order to keep the smoke out of the kitchen. A detailed plan of the installation insures the customer they will receive the results they expect, the local AHJ will approve the plans as quickly as possible, the finished system will comply with code, and the end product will work properly and efficiently and can be easily maintained.         


Air Flow Specialists (AFS) can provide a complete installation
of your ventilation project at the most competitive price on the street. AFS is
a licensed mechanical contractor and test and balance contractor with a
licensed professional engineer on staff. Our home warehouse is located in
Broward County where we have a complete sheet-metal shop. We fabricate and
install our own ductwork and fittings as required for each job. AFS has
installation crews based throughout the state of Florida that do installations
from Jacksonville to Tallahassee to Key West. We can fabricate and install duct
systems in stainless steel, galvanized metal, or aluminum. In most instances,
we can provide storage capabilities, if necessary, to receive and hold your
equipment so it is ready for delivery when it’s needed at the site. If custom
items or steelwork is required, AFS can design, fabricate, and install whatever
is required at a very competitive price.

If the project plans are incomplete or don’t meet the code
official’s expectations, AFS can provide the necessary paperwork to keep the
project on track without having to involve a third party. We have the
experience and expertise to identify issues before they become major problems
that cost extra money and time. From single-story buildings to multi-story
high-rise applications, we can install your project on-time and on-budget.
Whether the project has one hood or twenty hoods, we know what it takes to get
the job done. We have over twenty years of experience installing projects
throughout the Florida market for individual restaurants as well as established
chains. You don’t need to gamble on an in-experienced contractor to get a good
price with the results you expect. If additional manpower is required to finish
the project on time, we can and will make it happen. The project will be
installed per plan, per code, and per the schedule. We promise what we can
deliver and deliver on our promises.




Test and balance (T&B) is the process of measuring air volumes and making appropriate adjustments to various components of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure occupant comfort is achieved at maximum efficiency.


From concept to reality, Air Flow Specialists is equipped to provide you with an effective and energy efficient Kitchen Ventilation System (KVS) design.