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Our wide selection of styles, sizes, features and accessories, including UL 710 listed hoods can precisely match your functional and aesthetic requirements and enhance grease extraction for cleaner ducts and roofs.



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Durable, efficient models in various configurations to meet any airflow requirement.



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Models to satisfy applications ranging from non-tempered to packaged heating and cooling that convert 100% outside air to comfortable indoor temperatures and humidity levels year round. Accurex has the products to handle any volume demand or climate challenge.

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Conditioned 100% Outside Air Units


Packaged Rooftops-Model XVPR

Utility Distribution Center


Utility Distribution Center


A Utility Distribution System (UDS) is a pre-engineered delivery system for the cooking equipment's utilities. It eliminates custom designed contractor built walls to bring the utilities to the cooking appliances. To build a contractor wall, engineers and consultants have to work together to design the utilities into the wall dependent on the cooking line-up. Plumbing, electrical and general contractors all have to work together to install the utility wall. Custom built utility walls are built for a specific cooking line-up and require hours of coordination to be built in the field. If that line-up changes, the electrical and plumbing have to be changed to accommodate the new line-up.

Utility Distribution Systems Presentation




Configurable Control Panels



As an energy management center, the panel controls power to kitchen ventilation system equipment. Features include labeled connections, in-door wiring diagrams and aesthetic enclosures. For optimum energy efficiency, variable-volume, and/or dehumidification applications, Accurex can also provide a turnkey direct digital control system.


Fire suppression systems

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Amerex KP and Ansul R-102 fire suppression systems use a potassium based chemical extinguishing agent. The agent reacts with hot grease to form a blanket of foam in a process called saponification that seals the hazard depriving the fire of oxygen. These systems are designed to protect hoods, ducts, plenums, filters, and cooking equipment. The wet chemical system is available in two types, Applicance Specific and Full Flood.

Appliance Specific- These systems are designed specific to appliances and require knowledge of the cooking battery under the hood. Specific nozzles and fusible links are chosen based on the type of appliance. The systems use a temperature rated fusible link to hold a scissors link together. When the fusible link melts, the scissors open and the system is activated. This is a dedicated detection system that requires permanent equipment placement; if the equipment is moved or changed, re-piping is necessary.

Full Flood - Full flood systems require no prior knowledge of the cooking battery with the exception of shelves, salamanders, and upright broilers. Full flood systems have drops evenly spaced across the length, the spacing is dependent on the manufacturer's UL listing. The detection system is either a pneumatic tube that runs the full length of the hood, or a fusible link detection with the links evenly spaced the length of the hood. The advantage of the full flood system is that cooking equipment can be moved and changed without having to alter the fire suppression piping.


   Ansul R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System


The Amerex KP automatic restaurant fire suppression system protects the hood, duct and appliances

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